Terms & Conditions

Warranty on Service Repairs

Tharcold Appliance Services guarantees all domestic appliance service repairs for a period of 12 months from the date of service.

Conditions of Service Repairs Warranty:

The warranty covers parts and labour under the following conditions:

  • The fault is a repeat failure of the same component and is not related to or caused by another failed component or external cause.
  • The appliance has been used and maintained in accordance with the user manuals and has not been modified or otherwise subjected to misuse, neglect or damage.
  • The appliance has not been serviced by or tampered with by anyone other than a technician approved by Tharcold Appliance Services Ltd.
  • Repair work under this warranty is limited to service during Tharcold Appliance Services Ltd’s normal operating hours.
  • The claimant was the owner of the appliance and the person who paid for the repair at the time the repair was undertaken.
  • Call out charges are covered only where a call out was charged under the initial repair. Workshop repairs will only be covered as workshop repairs.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • This Warranty shall not apply to any defect or failure which in the opinion of Tharcold Appliance Services Ltd arises due to mis-use or any damage or fault caused by flood, fire or act of God.
  • This Warranty shall not apply unless all accounts related to the appliance and/or the customer are paid in full.
  • This Warranty does not apply to consumable parts that are subject to wear& tear, such as rubber seals, filters, bulbs and in some cases glass.
  • This Warranty is expressly restricted to repairs and/or replacement of defective parts previously repaired and excludes any consequential damage that may have occurred.

Damage Claim Policy:

If you believe Tharcold Appliance Services has directly or indirectly caused damage to an appliance or, in the process of repairing an appliance directly caused damage to property please contact us immediately by calling 04 478 3104 or email us on office@tharcold.co.nz

Please also take photos to show the damage as soon as the damage is identified.

Please note:

  • All claims must be lodged within 72 hours of last service.
  • Any damage claims lodged more than 72 hours from date of last service may be rejected.
  • Where liability can not be clearly ascertained the claimant will be required to lodge an insurance claim with their insurer. Tharcold Appliance Services Ltd will lodge a reciprocal claim
    allowing liability to be determined thru the insurance process.